Interim Management

I support interim assignments which are linked to specific goals like building and developing a team, supporting a restructuring or fast growth period as Recruiting and HR Manager.

Interim management should not be seen as a short term one to one replacement of a line manager but rather an opportunity to engage an expert that will help teams and organizations to develop and bring additional value until the position will be filled again permanently.

Recruitment Consulting

Recruiting talented people is considered to be one of the key drivers for business success and it is also one of the key challenges. Success in recruitment is linked to a number of areas where continuous development is inevitable. My consulting focuses on the following key areas:

  • Efficient and Effective Processes
  • Recruiting Strategy and Active Sourcing
  • Talent Management and Development
  • Employer Branding

Training & Workshops

Training everyone involved in recruitment processes is crucial when you want to have successful hires. One weak link in the chain can jeopardize your entire hiring strategy and your business accordingly.

I offer trainings and workshops that help your business and people excel in finding, attracting and hiring great talent. Key topics are:

  • Active Sourcing & Candidate Engagement
  • Interviewing & Evaluating
  • Process Excellence
  • Employer Branding

About me

I started my career in Executive Search at a time when social media platforms were still in an early stage. Excellent research was crucial in order to understand industries and customer markets. Being a curious person, I really enjoyed this exposure to various companies but I enjoyed helping them in finding and attracting talented people even more.

After several years in the business I decided to move into interim management in order to develop teams and lead them in the challenging environment of talent acquisition and human resources.

Over the past decade I have been working with large international businesses as well as SMEs and Startup companies. This has given me a broad understanding of challenges linked to different businesses and organizations and keeps me learning and thinking about the future of work every single day. The future of work is happening now and I want to help companies as well as teams and individuals in shaping their future of work.

I am passionate about changing the way we work and recruit talent because we already are moving in a new era of work.
People are the key to success and it has never been easier to build work environments in which people are engaged to deliver, drive innovation and enjoy their impact on business success.

Annett Burger